About PeakRelevance

PeakRelevance helps companies and entrepreneurs become the #1 in their industry online. With know-how, training, consulting and joint implementation we will bring you to the top!


We make digital marketing accessible


We are advancing the digitization of sales and marketing


We serve a huge and rapidly growing market


We provide customers with a decisive competitive advantage

What Is this Name All about?

The name is a composition of peak and relevance. The bottom line is that relevance is the decisive criterion for your success in (online) marketing: if you are relevant to your target group, you can only win. The brand message is simple: we take you to the peak of relevance.

Oliver Gibietz, Founder

The Roots

After a few years in B2B sales, I had enough of cold calling, trade shows and far too many hours spent in the car. Somehow I wanted to achieve that customers would come to me more or less automatically. In a durable and sustainable way – and without often unworthy and annoying methods like cold calling.

The Route

With this mission, I started digging into online marketing. Since then I have spent practically every single day with content marketing and search engine optimization – and haven’t regretted it one single hour. My B2B Platform Temperatur Profis is now ranking fantastically, winning dozens of qualified B2B leads every month.

The Objective

I started PeakRelevance for a simple reason: I want to help more entrepreneurs to position their companies online in the most effective way. Be it an industrial company, a law firm or a tax consultancy: I want to help small and medium-sized companies to achieve a breakthrough in digital marketing.

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