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by | Mar 5, 2020

Do you want your company to disappear in the mass?

Marketing messages are often quite egocentric – and completely uninspired. Almost every company claims to deliver the best quality at the best price and to respond flexibly to customer wishes. This B2B positioning (or better: pseudo-differentiation) is then further embellished with the most frequent possible mention of the brand name. The “perfect” marketing message then looks something like this:

SCHMUFF stands for quality at the best price. Your SCHMUFF customer consultant will be happy to respond flexibly to your individual wishes. For all SCHMUFF brand products we also offer the SCHMUFF maintenance package. If you have any questions, please call the SCHMUFF Hotline at (telephone number).

Schmuff is of course also innovative, and they are market leaders anyway. The only tragedy is that all of Schmuff’s competitors claim the same. Thus the attempt of the B2B positioning failed – Schmuff and its competitors seem arbitrarily interchangeable. My question to you: Whom does all this help? Certainly not your target group.

A Pleasant Stay!

Let’s take a quick look at an example: let’s assume you are in Paris for a weekend. It is supposed to be a special weekend, you have chosen a special hotel. You drive up with your car, stop directly at the entrance. Even before your left arm has made its way from the steering wheel to the door handle, a bellboy carefully opens the passenger door to make it easier for your passenger to get out.

By the time you get off, your suitcases are already on the baggage car. You enter the lobby. After a friendly, pleasantly short check-in at the reception, you will be in your room just a few minutes later. Your luggage was even there before you. Wonderful! Now you jump on the bed, as you never do at home, and then you continue with the program for the day.

If that’s how it goes, then the hotel has done a good job. Your goal was to get to your room. The employees supported you, took the trouble with your luggage and maybe even saved you the tedious search for a parking space. Your review of this hotel will later read something like this:

Attentive staff, very helpful, uncomplicated. We had a pleasant stay. Full five stars!

A Cruel Stay…

The story could also go differently – for instance like this: You drive up to the hotel by car. You have hardly stopped, when someone opens the passenger door saying: “We are the best hotel in town!” and then disappears again immediately. You then take your luggage out of the trunk yourself and go to the entrance. You manoeuvre through the self-closing door with your bag and trolley and stand in the lobby: on the wall behind the reception the oversized logo of the hotel is prominently displayed, and on the opposite side there are large letters saying: “We are the best hotel in town!”

The reception desk is not occupied. After a short wait you notice a small note at the counter: “If reception is not occupied, please call (phone number)”. Well that starts nicely. As you call the number, you are told to be patient for another 10 minutes.

What Does this Have to Do with B2B Positioning?

Well, I think that’s enough. Which of the two hotel experiences was more pleasant for you? And why?

In the self-proclaimed “best hotel in town” the staff didn’t help you to get to your destination as quickly and comfortably as possible. Apparently, the hotel was only interested in spreading the message “We are the best hotel in the city” as often as possible. The performance on the other hand was quite embarrassing, wasn’t it?

Far too many corporate websites offer this kind of experience to their users. What about your website?

  • Do you help your website visitors get to their destination as quickly as possible?
  • Do you even provide your target group with what they are looking for online?
  • Do you know what your target group is really out there searching for?

These questions are essential. After all, you want to reach and inspire your target group with your website. In my experience, the smartest strategy is to build an expert image through effective B2B content marketing.

The Author

My name is Oliver Gibietz and I am passionate about effective online marketing. Everything at PeakRelevance revolves around content marketing and SEO for small and medium-sized businesses.

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