Relevance Monitoring

Continuity is King. With our Relevance Monitoring you improve your rankings month by month.

The Issue

There is a problem in medium-sized businesses: the corporate website is perhaps on the agenda every five to seven years when it is to be relaunched. Beyond that, however, the website usually receives little to no attention – and that is a big mistake!

Because with continuous optimization you can achieve much more than just a relaunch every few years. And that’s exactly why we were wondering: how can we help companies to continuously improve their website at an affordable rate? How can we help as many companies as possible to achieve high relevance on the web? Relevance Monitoring is our answer.

The Solution: Relevance Monitoring

In our Relevance Monitoring we continuously analyze and monitor your search engine rankings, keywords and website performance. Every month you will receive recommendations for improvement. In this way we improve the visibility of your website step by step. And you reap success every month!

How Does it Work?

1. Setup

We take over the complete setup of the relevance monitoring. You do not have to do anything.

2. Monitoring

We monitor your rankings and the development of traffic on your website on a daily basis.

3. Recommendations

Every month, in addition to the Performance Report, you will receive concrete, easy-to-implement recommendations. This is how we improve your rankings!

Ranking Protection Plus

Crawling errors and ranking problems endanger the accessibility of your website. With Ranking Protection Plus, we can detect such problems early and react.

+ 49 € / month

More Affordable than any Employee

An employed specialist for online marketing costs you at least 5,000 € per month. Relevance Monitoring costs just 1/10.

1 Month

free setup

monthly Performance Report

monthly Recommendations

Ranking Protection Plus not available

619 €

per month

6 Months

free setup

monthly Performance Report

monthly Recommendations

Ranking Protection Plus + 49 € / month

549 €

per month

12 Months

free setup

monthly Performance Report

monthly Recommendations

Ranking Protection Plus included!

499 €

per month

all prices are excluding VAT

Competitive advantage: become the #1 online

Inexpensive and without hidden costs


Better findability in search engines

Optionally monthly cancellable


GDPR compliant and without access to customer data

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Happy Clients

Mr. Gibietz has helped us to better understand how our products are searched for. The insights from the SEO project with him were valuable and had a positive impact on our rankings.

Wolfgang Neu


Thanks to Oliver’s support, cold calling has almost completely disappeared from our everyday lives. The SEO and content marketing activities bring us several interesting inquiries every month.

Jörg Gibietz

Managing Director, promovere GmbH

I like the fact that Mr. Gibietz does not work by the book. He goes into detail about us and our products. Working with him is an enrichment, his approach is structured and tailored to the circumstances. It has proven to bear fruit: we have sustainably better rankings! We wish him continued success.

Björn Henkel

General Manager, Winkler AG

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