For all those who want to build up know-how internally. And for decision makers who need an overview.

Crash Course for Entrepreneurs

With the knowledge gained from our online marketing crash course you will be able to make informed decisions in the future. You will know which channels are available online and which are suitable for your company. You will be prepared for discussions with agencies and online marketing specialists. You will know the buzzwords, understand the abbreviations and ask the right questions.

Training: Keyword Research

In this training we make your head glow! Afterwards you will be able to do extensive keyword research on your product or service yourself. You will be able to develop a suitable keyword strategy and identify the right keywords. The training also includes an extensive practice session.

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Happy Clients

Mr. Gibietz has helped us to better understand how our products are searched for. The insights from the SEO project with him were valuable and had a positive impact on our rankings.

Wolfgang Neu


Thanks to Oliver’s support, cold calling has almost completely disappeared from our everyday lives. The SEO and content marketing activities bring us several interesting inquiries every month.

Jörg Gibietz

Managing Director, promovere GmbH

I like the fact that Mr. Gibietz does not work by the book. He goes into detail about us and our products. Working with him is an enrichment, his approach is structured and tailored to the circumstances. It has proven to bear fruit: we have sustainably better rankings! We wish him continued success.

Björn Henkel

General Manager, Winkler AG

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